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When we say, “Our guides are customizable,” we’re not just talking about a black and white logo. The options to customize our booklets to mesh with your outreach and promotion needs are limitless! We will work with you to create health education tools that are both memorable and used over time. Let us put your ideas into print!


Senior Health Guide

Aging is a natural part of life, and while we can’t stop it, we can make strides to live a healthy life. The America’s Senior Health Guide shares how seniors can improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through self-management, as well as partnerships with health care providers and loved ones.


The Alternative to Throw-Away Health Education Materials

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Heart Health Guide

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Heart Health Guide!

Comprehensive advice on preventing, diagnosing and treating heart disease.

Video Library

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Health Literacy Checklist

Health Literacy Checklist

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Youth Passport Health Guide

School Years Passport Health Guide

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Health Fair Guide

Health Fair Guide

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Health Education GSA Advantage

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We purchased the Diabetes Health Guides in English and Spanish to provide educational materials to persons who attend diabetes support groups. Everyone seems to like them and they are a valuable resource.

—Rayleen Earne Health Educator II, Southern Nevada Health District