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The Alternative to Throw-Away Health Education Materials

HealthStyle Press offers products that help individuals live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether our customers are individuals or programs covering over 3 million people, each one of our health guides was created to meet a customer need. Our guides convey evidence-based prevention and wellness strategies in a format that is easy-to-read and understand. The information we present to our customers not only gives them what they need to assess their health status, but encourages them to take the personal responsibility to improve it. Our HealthStyle guides work because people read them, keep them and use them.

For over 25 years, HealthStyle Press has established on-going relationships with the hundreds of customers who use our health guides. Our relationships with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations, state Medicaid agencies, state Public Health Departments, interpreting agencies, and many other health care professionals continue to assist us with the technical review and product development process so we can continuously update our guides with relevant information. Let HealthStyle Press be your one stop shop for quality health guides and other health educational tools and resources.

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Health Fair Guide

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We purchased the Diabetes Health Guides in English and Spanish to provide educational materials to persons who attend diabetes support groups. Everyone seems to like them and they are a valuable resource.

—Rayleen Earne Health Educator II, Southern Nevada Health District

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