Our mission is to promote healthier lifestyles through education


We started operations in early 1988 as Securitec, producing home safety products. As our relationships grew with our customers, so did our product line. It didn’t take long before we started designing and developing personal health guides. Our first health guide was the “America’s Youth Passport.” It evolved from the “KinderPassport”, one of our original products. Since then, we’ve added 15 more guides to our “America’s Health Guide” product line. Over the years we have produced over 40 million copies of our guides.

In early 2010, we changed our name to HealthStyle Press, which better reflects what we have done for a long time – offering products that help individuals live a healthy lifestyle.

HealthStyle Press

Tools for Population Health Management

Our customers range from individuals to programs covering over 3,000,000 people (our largest single order to date). Whether your population consists of yourself, your family, company, health plan, community, state, or whole segments of our country, our health guides can help promote a healthier lifestyle. For example, our health guides are being used to promote the health of every newborn in certain states. We also assist in managing all multi-medication users in a large Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

Why our Health Guides Work

Our guides are designed to support evidence-based prevention and wellness strategies. They are key components of programs aimed at behavior modification. Our health guides focus on a person’s whole health. They give individuals the information they need to assess their health status and offer ways to take personal responsibility to improve it. We call it Healthstyle. Our guides work because people read them, keep them and use them.

Each one of our health guides was born from a customer need. Every time we thought that our offering was complete, a new request would come and we could see where many of our other customers could have a real use for the new guide. We would assess all of the health risks that the population might face. We would then design the guide to address the risks in a format that is easy-to-read and understand.

Our relationships with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Medicare Quality Improvement Organizations, state Medicaid agencies, state Public Health Departments and health care professionals provide technical review, product development assistance and continuous updates for our guides.

We Want to Work with You

Over the years we have established on-going relationships with hundreds of customers who use our health guides, and in some cases help us develop new ones. Whether a new title, a new format or new idea, we’ve been successful in meeting our customers’ unique needs. We want to be your resource for quality health education tools.