Care Transition

America’s Care Transition Tracker

SIZE: 4-1/8 in. x 5 3/8 in.
8 panels – with pencil & ink receptive coating
3 grade reading level
Available in Spanish
Includes plastic pocket
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Product Description

After a patient’s stay in the hospital, they will need to know what it will take to stay safe and well when they get back home. When used properly, this guide has been shown to reduce readmission rates by providing a portable record of the patient’s overall health, both in and out of the hospital.  It keeps important follow-up and care information available for anyone assisting the patient after discharge.  Make sure the patient, family members, and care takers know about these patient discharge instructions.

The Care Transition Tracker provides

  • Ready to leave checklist
  • Medication tracker
  • Follow-up visit instructions
  • Action plan for symptoms returning
  • Health care contact team list