Healthy Aging Guide
Senior Health Guide

America’s Healthy Aging Guide

Formerly Known as Senior Health Guide

SIZE: 4-1/8 in. x 5 3/8 in. (40 pages)
4.8 grade reading level (12 pt font)
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Product Description

Edition 13 now available!

Aging is a natural part of life, and while we can’t stop it, we can make strides to live a healthy life. The America’s Healthy Aging Guide (formerly Senior Health Guide) shares how older adults can improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle through self-management, as well as crucial partnerships with healthcare providers and loved ones.

“Our field staff gives the Senior Health Guide to people with Medicare and promotes recording medical visits to protect against billing errors. The guide is comprehensive, with recording and tracking pages for preventive services, medications, etc. We’ve used the Senior Health Guides for years because of their quality, convenient size and usefulness – and the seniors like them!”

Educational Topics

  • Healthy eating
  • Weight management
  • Physical activity
  • Safety and falls prevention
  • Smoking cessation
  • Chronic disease management
  • Medication safety


  • Emergency contacts
  • Insurance information
  • Health history
  • Health screenings and tests
  • Immunizations
  • Medication record and allergies

What’s New in Version 13?

  • Updated resources/guidelines
  • New arthritis information
  • New callout text boxes for key info
  • New colorectal cancer information
  • New senior driving safety
  • New elder abuse information