Communication is Key to Quality Healthcare

Healthcare pampletsHealthcare pamphlets are not a thing of the past. Regardless of advancements such as the internet, email, and pdf downloads, there is still a place for print. In fact, it often times is a crucial tool for communicating with your patients.

For many, a visit to the doctor’s office can be an overwhelming time. Despite the best intentions, not all questions may be answered, and other important details may be misunderstood. This is especially true if there is a condition or diagnosis. Rather than expecting patients to recollect every detail they heard during their office visit, a brochure will provide them with information they can read at a time they are most likely able to retain it.

Providing your patients with these brochures also guarantees they are reading the correct information pertaining to them specifically. While the internet is a great asset, regarding medical care, it can be misleading. The instances of people self- or over-diagnosing are incredibly high, and often unnecessary. By providing this information to your patients first hand, you can not only provide pertinent information, but you can offer them piece of mind knowing all of the information you are sharing is credible, and filled with information specific to them.

Healthcare brochures also provide an excellent means for communication with non-English speaking patients. Unfortunately, many things can get lost in translation over the internet; therefore, these brochures provide peace of mind to not only you the provider, but to your patients as well. It is always beneficial to have a back-up plan if you are unable to employ a full-time translator.

You can save valuable time and staff resources by having these materials readily available.  You save on maintenance of your printers and ink, and are able to have your staff focus more on patient care rather than spending time locating appropriate take-home materials for your patients.


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