Creating Awareness with a Health Fair

Health FairThe first step towards any successful health fair is to identify your objective. Do you want to create community awareness surrounding a particular healthcare issue? Would you like to offer health screenings or early detection testing regarding a particular healthcare issue?  Various clinics and other healthcare settings find fairs are not only a great time to educate, but to motivate people towards a healthier lifestyle as well.

Once you have established your main focus the real planning begins. Establishing your budget early on works as a great guideline, but do not feel as though you have to rely solely on your contributions. Partner with the businesses and community programs in your area.  Often times, they have available resources for events such as this. Request that they contribute to food, decorations, or even door prizes.

Door prizes or promotional items are not only a great way to attract visitors, but a huge marketing opportunity for these businesses as well. They often have items such as water bottles, pens, tote bags, pamphlets, etc readily available for events such as these. It is great exposure for them without having to do much work, so do not hesitate to ask!

Determining your flow is another area you are going to want to spend some time on. What exactly would you like people to take away from your event, and what is the best way to get there? Do you want guest speakers giving a symposium, or would you rather have guests visiting booths at their leisure?  These are all important things to consider. You want to have a traffic flow in place in order to keep your guests engaged, and wanting to retain as much information as possible.

Marketing your health fair event is going to be the key to the success of your event. There are many outlets you can use to do this. Communicate with your local media. Your local television station or radios are often listing community events. Do not discount the power of fliers. These can be displayed in hospitals, clinics, fitness centers, grocery stores, etc., extending your reach for minimal cost. These businesses are also a great way to gain insight into your potential attendance numbers as well, if you are not requiring guests to RSVP.

Regardless of what your main objective is, a well-executed health fair can reinforce your position as a resource in your community.

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