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Our customers have successfully integrated the America’s Health Guides into their health education and outreach programs in many ways. How can our booklets help you?

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Consumer Outreach

  • In one-on-one counseling situations on medication management, disease management and general health topics. Our guides allow counselors to take a step-by-step, easy-to-follow approach to addressing specific health issues.
  • As a component in mailings to current or prospective target markets. Add more value to your current direct marketing programs.
  • A tool for health programs, i.e. maternity management, chronic disease diagnosis. A relevant and timely tool for those experiencing a specific health event.

Promotional Items

  • As giveaway items at health fairs, community events and trade shows. Go beyond standard items to something that will get you noticed and keep you top-of-mind.
  • To promote special health related events, such as Women’s Health Month or Immunization Month. Take advantage of special health events to reach out to those you serve by providing them a tool for success.
  • As a “thank you” gift for those who participate in a survey, study or other information gathering setting. They’ve given you valuable information. Reward them with something of value – an America’s Health Guide.

Quality Initiatives

  • As a tool to satisfy the quality standards of your program. Our booklets have helped many organizations achieve and exceed program expectations.
  • Increase HEDIS scores for areas of concern. Whatever the topic, we have a guide to help you improve your HEDIS scores.
  • Tracking tool for services like EPSDT visits, prenatal care and immunizations. Educated parents take responsibility for the health of their children.

Branding Efforts

  • As an “off the shelf” alternative. Why start from scratch when developing health education materials? Use our content and your customized cover.
  • Increase loyalty. The format and content of our guides create staying power. When our guide is with those you serve, your organization will be too.
  • As a way to create partnerships with key organizations. Whether funding a purchase for a non-profit organization or pooling resources to offer the best tool to consumers, our health guides are an effective way to highlight organizations that help others.

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