Have Fun and Get Healthy At the Same Time

Worksite WellnessBusinesses and employers are paying more attention to their employee’s health than ever before.  In many instances, how healthy or unhealthy their employees are, has a direct effect on their profitability. Not only are their insurance premiums directly affected, but employee productivity often is as well.

Workplace wellness incentives do not have to come across as intimidating, but rather can be quite fun! You can take many different approaches, whether you would like to split the employees into teams, or motivate everyone based on their own success. We thought we would share a couple that we have seem proven successful in various companies.

Biggest Loser Challenge:

This one began and gained enormous popularity based on the reality show, and has been motivating people ever since towards a healthier lifestyle. It can be as simple or as complex as you would like. The most common set up is to split up into teams, and have all team members weigh in on a weekly basis. The concept is quite simple, the team that loses the most weight collaboratively, wins! The greatest success occurs in groups, so give your employees the tools to succeed. We offer a variety of guides and trackers that have health information in one convenient location. This way, they cannot only track their activities, but they can learn about overall health issues as well!

A Cook off:

One of the biggest complaints you hear about when it comes to healthy living is not knowing exactly what is or is not good for you. Not only do you have to do your research, but you have to find time to prepare meals as well! Challenge your employees with a cook off! Once a month, give them a list of healthy ingredients, and tell them to come up with a main dish of their choice. Once you have a day in mind, pick a few judges, and have a taste-testing lunch! Not only are employees exposed to healthier options, but also the little break from the norm does great for employee morale! Remind everyone to bring in the recipe he or she used and before you know it, you will have created your own healthy eating cookbook!

However you want to structure your workplace wellness, do not let it overwhelm you. We are here to provide you with the tools in order to make your workplace wellness a success! Visit our selection of standard and customizable options!