Promote Patient Compliance with the Pregnancy Tracker

Pregnancy Health TrackerPreventative care is essential during pregnancy. It is during these appointments that both the mother and baby’s health are monitored, and any potential problems can be discovered early. With that being said, it is still often difficult to stress the importance of continuous care all throughout the pregnancy to patients and their families. Providing a printed pregnancy tracker helps your patients see the long-term plan and goals for their pregnancies, as well as helps to promote compliance.

Trackers help to monitor progression and tests, such as vitals, growth, etc. They allow patients to see the significance of each visit by clearly stating what testing they can expect at specific appointments, as well as any necessary procedures. This visual reminder reinforces the importance of preventative care visits and therefore reduces the amount of skipped or missed appointments.

Using only online resources for your patients typically proves to be more trouble than it is worth. Reliability is and always will be a major concern when depending on any type of content that is not your own. You must spend an elaborate amount of time determining credibility and fact checking. It is also very easy for patients to get off topic and start looking into other areas not specifically pertaining to them.

With the pregnancy tracker, your patients are able to have their pregnancy information in one clear and concise location. They can easily reference their vitals as well as test explanations. Many trackers on the market today can be overwhelming and lose a patient’s interest.

Let’s face it, with all of the information that is being thrown around online, on the television, or even on the radio; it is easy for factual information to get lost in the crowd.  Avoid overwhelming your patients and keep things simple. Use the Pregnancy Tracker to help reinforce the importance of staying healthy and keeping their appointments during pregnancy.


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