How To Effectively Use Your Health Education Materials

You’ve just received boxes of materials

Now what?

Your purchase is an investment in the health of those you serve. These simple steps will help you get the most value from your investment:

Develop a Plan of Action

  • Create a calendar of events where the materials can be distributed
  • Identify partner organizations that can assist with the distribution
  • Schedule mailing initiatives, allowing plenty of time for planning and execution
  • Adjust the plan based on successes and lessons learned

Communicate With Your Staff

  • Announce their arrival and share the purpose and goals of using the materials
  • Store materials in an easily accessible area, keeping the materials top-of-mind for distribution
  • Keep staff informed of supply levels. Re-order well before you run out
  • Teach new staff members how to use the materials. Staff turnover frequently results in the disruption of distribution, causing materials to sit and become out-of-date

Promote Better Health Understanding

  • Use the materials in conjunction with spoken instruction, not as a replacement.
  • Review the content with individuals to ensure they understand. Ask them to restate main points
  • Refer to the materials during future follow-up contacts to reinforce positive behavior change

Health Education Materials

Even more effective when used as a part of an overall health education strategy.

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