Who is Responsible for Good Patient Care?

Patient CareIn order to determine who is responsible for good patient care, it is important to have a clear understanding of what exactly patient care is.

Patient-centered care, also known as patient care, focuses on the patient’s interaction with their provider. The goal is to involve the patient in every aspect of the decision-making process regarding their current health plan. Patient engagement and care is also a collaborative effort. It requires active participation and effort from both parties, rather than any one side over the other. There are ways both sides can enhance the entire patient experience.

Be assessable. If it is impossible for a provider to be available, ensure the patient knows how to contact someone should a crisis arise.
Minimize wait times as much as possible. For the most part, patients understand when a situation occurs that pushes their appointment time back. However, by keeping the lines of communication open as to when they should expect to be seen, the patient is even more likely to display understanding.

Provide information. Understand that appointments may be overwhelming at times and not all received information will be retained. Confirm with the patient they have the necessary documents or access to more specific information should they need it.

Track entire health history. This alleviates any issues of provider or insurance changes, and provides a great resource should any health related questions arise.

Be prepared. This means preparation for upcoming visits as well as unforeseen situations that may come up. Establish a proxy or power of attorney that is able to make decisions if needed.

Ask questions. It is imperative that a patient understand they are the focus of their health plan and a crucial part in all doctor-patient engagement.

In order to achieve good patient care, both patients and healthcare providers need to be an active participant in all aspects of the patient’s care plan. To learn more about obtaining good care, check out our latest whitepaper.